Network map

Numerous sensors are deployed across all Switzerland with a special focus on the region of Zurich. The map below shows the spatial distribution of the sites.


orange-blank.png Swisscom
blu-blank.png Meteoswiss
pink-blank.png FLUXNET
ltblu-blank.png CARBOCOUNT
wht-blank.png UGZ
ylw-blank.png OSTLUFT


170217_503_Carbosense_Sensoren_LP8_002.jpg Decentlab integrated miniaturized CO2 sensors, LP8, from the Swedish company SenseAir, into dedicated units providing battery power supply, LoRaWAN connectivity and auxiliary sensors (temperature, humidity). 300 of such units are planned to be deployed successively across Switzerland.

Characterization and calibration


Instrument outputs are sensitive to external conditions, in particular temperature, relative humidity and pressure.
The sensors are thus systematically characterized indoor and outdoor and compared with precise reference instruments to quantify the sensitivity of CO2 sensors to external parameters. For instance, all sensors are exposed to a large range of controlled parameters (temperature, relative humidity and pressure) in climate chambers (see picture)

Calibration algorithms are developed by Empa to account for such sensitivity and reduce uncertainties on measurements.


WP_20170504_11_34_41_Pro.jpg Sensors are deployed by the project members and external partners. Deployment locations include telecommunication towers, weather and air quality monitoring stations or lamp poles in Z├╝rich city.
Maintenance and replacement for re-calibration will be carried out on a regular basis to keep track of instrument drifts and dysfunctions.
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