LP8 low-cost sensors

LP8_sensor_SMALL.jpg LP8_ZLMT_3.JPG LP8_WYN_2_SMALL.jpg LP8_WYN_SMALL.jpg

Decentlab integrated the miniaturized LP8 CO2 sensor from the Swedish company SenseAir into a viable sensor unit. The unit is battery powered, equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, and transmits the measurements every 10 minutes over LoRaWAN.

HPP low-cost instruments

HPP_instrument_SMALL.jpg HPP_inlet_SMALL.jpg HPP_SAVE_SMALL.jpg

The HPPs are temperature stabilized NDIR low-cost instruments manufactured by SenseAir. Decentlab integrated the HPP into a sensor unit featuring active sampling, reference gas supply and data transmission by LoRaWAN.

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